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Jim & Barb Bio

Nov 23, 2011 -- 10:34am

Jim is a 30 plus year radio vet, and he’s proud to say that 20 years of it has been spent waking up Mid Michigan on 98 KCQ! Jim was the very first air personality at WLMP, the school radio station he helped form in the fall of 1972 at Flint Powers High. He knew what he was doing, (or so he told everyone) because he was already working in commercial radio, at WWCK in Flint. Jims first REAL RADIO JOB came in the spring of his senior year at Powers, when he was offered a full time job on WWCK’S sister station WCZN-AM a country station. “My biggest fear was getting ragged by my friends for playing Dolly Parton, and Mel Tillis; we were all into Grand Funk Railroad at the time”.

Jim’s married to Ursula; they enjoy spending time with their kids, and ten grandchildren. “Watching them grow, and watching Grandma love on them is simply amazing. Something about being a grandparent is really kind of magical”.

Family is most important to Jim, but when he does have free time you’ll find him standing over his grill, standing over a putt, or closely following his favorite sports team the Detroit Tigers. Yes, Jim loves the warm weather. During the non grilling, golfing and baseball months Jim will tell you he’s bored out of his mind. That’s why he’s happy he found Facebook!

When asked about the highlight of his radio career Kramer points to community service. “I really cherish the opportunity to give back to the community. The fact that we get the listeners involved makes it even more so”. Projects like The Q Morning Crews Dream Makers Christmas program, now 16 years and running. The KCQ Drive to End Hunger Golf Outing are two of Jim’s pet projects. Add to that the work Jim has done with The United Way, The C.A.N. Council, and Hospitality House, Jim keeps busy.

Favorite Color? Pink

Favorite TV Show? Mostly sports, but oddly enough enjoy HGTV

Favorite Movie? Somewhere in Time

Favorite Snack Food? Any thing chocolate, or salty

Favorite Food Off the Grill? Beef Tenderloin

Favorite Drink? A good micro brew beer. (Abita Strawberry)


Nov 23, 2011 -- 10:30am


Somehow between LABOR DAY and CHRISTMAS, the holiday of THANKSGIVING became obsolete.  Yet it the one holiday that is the least selfish.  You GIVE THANKS, rather than GET STUFF.  You can sit around a table with friends and family and smile at your good forturne, and hope they are doing the same.    You do not really even have to serve turkey.   You can have turkey sandwiches, or ham sandwiches, and everyone would be happy.

And so today I say HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and thank you for being a good listener, for enjoying Country Music, and for bringing the Q Morning Crew into your life during the day.    

Enjoy your feast, and eat as much as you want.  After all, it's only one day.   But it's the BEST day of all.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Barb 11/23/11


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