6:00pm - 6:00pm

Faster Horses 2020 on air Giveaway!




All this week you have two chances a day to win your EXCLUSIVE  KCQ Wrist Bands to see Faster Horses.


Join Jim and Barb each morning at 7:20 for the KCQ Faster Horses Song of the Day.  They will announce a song from the Artist of the Day that will be played before 9a.  When the song plays, caller number 10 will pick up on a pair of Faster Horses Wrist Bands.


Immediately following the winner, the Q Morning Crew will tell you the hour that the same song will play during 3p-7p with Brian Hatfield later that afternoon.  When he plays it, caller # 10 will win a pair of Wrist Bands to Faster Horses.


Thanks to LiveNation


Good Luck, from the Most Country 98 KCQ