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Monster truck driver Jack Brown will be driving Dozer this weekend at the Dow for Toughest Monster Trucks




Michelle, Sherry, lynette and Beth told us the most Redneck thing they have done.




Shannon of Caro, Lynette of Saginaw, Reegan of Saginaw, Barb of Flushing and Marcel of Saginaw play On The Spot for Toughest Monster Truck tickets!




Angel from Vassar, Alicia from Saginaw, Amanda from Saginaw, Tim from Saginaw and Michelle from Caro played On The Spot for Toughest Monster Truck tickets!




Michelle from Caro played On The Spot!




Hunter, Jen, Mary, Karen, Ashley, Mila and Erica play On The Spot for Billy Currington tickets!




Emily from Saginaw, Amanda from Frankenlust and Michelle from Saginaw played On The Spot for Billy Currington tickets!




Nick Soaper from Lapeer played Name That Tune for Billy Currington Tickets!




McKayla from Saginaw, Becky from Mendon and Sharon from Beaverton played On The Spot for Justin Moore tickets!




Katie from Davidson played Sonic Quiz from Justin Moore tickets!




Jeff from Saginaw, Ashley from Clio and Jade from Mt.Pleasnt played On the Spot for Justin Moore tickets!




KCQ'S  Marry, Kiss, Kill! Looks like everyone LOVES Steve Urkle!





Cadi from Bay City figured out the Faster Horses Music Mess and won the first pair of Faster Horses Passes!




Jen from Midland, Ashley from Saginaw and Jen from Saginaw on how to hint to your man about getting a wedding ring...




Ruin a Super Bowl party in 4 words....




Shawn from Burt and Tracy from Bay City play On The Spot for Harlem Globetrotters tickets!




Jesse from Hemlock, Jenna from Ottisville and Tammy from Saginaw play On the Spot for Harlem Globetrotter tickets!




Michelle from Midland, Carly from Bay City and Bridgette from Saginaw play Over Under for Harlem Globetrotter's tickets!




Tracy from Millington, Rob from Flint and Nick from Lapeer play KCQ's On the Spot for Harlem Globetrotter's tickets! 





KCQ Listener's Hailey and Brett win Brantley Gilbert and Brother's Osborne tickets with KCQ's On the Spot! You call in but you don't know what we'll ask you!  Best Answer wins!





KCQ's Marry, KISS, Kill! Why won't anyone kiss the GRINCH? :-(





KCQ Listeners Jay and tricia play ON THE SPOT to win Travis Tritt and Brothers Osborne tickets! What would you name your tequila brand?





Is Mac N Cheese traditional Thanksgiving Food?






KCQ Listener Natalie and Brandy play ON THE SPOT to win HUNKS tickets for Soaring Eagle Casino!





A couple has gone viral for creating a TAYLOR SWIFT JAR.  She has to put a dollar in every time she talks about Taylor.  How about YOU? At least your hubby doesn't harass people with his Tracheotomy!  





KCQ Listener's Troy, Beth and Krista play ON THE SPOT to win Festival of Trees tickets! Best Lainey Wilson southern accent wins tickets!





KCQ Listener Tom Burgess  Won Lonestar Tickets with KCQ's Over Under!




KCQ Listener Mellisa Thrower  Won Parker McCollum Tickets with KCQ's Over Under!




KCQ Listener Casey, Theresa and Kristen play KCQ's ON THE SPOT!  When they call, they have no idea what they have to do to win!  THERESA wins ARENACROSS tickets! 





KCQ Listener Lisa from Corunna wins Chris Stapleton tickets with KCQ's Over Under!






KCQ Listener Carly wins Travis Tritt tickets with TRITT or S/IT! surprise





Happy Halloween!  KCQ Listeners were asked to "say something in a scary voice, that's NOT scary at all."  Our listeners are hilarious!  




Heather wins Chris Stapleton tickets with KCQ's Over Under!




Why are your friends still single?  A survey of Michiganers says this is the number 1 reason:  Your friends are not as nice as they thing they are!  KCQ Listeners Linda and Amanda from Burton weigh.  Lets hope husbands were not listening! devil




Can you sue your parents for being born?  One tik-toker says YES.  She didn't ask to be born!  She says if you're pregnant, consult a psychic to ASK YOUR UNBORN BABY if they want to be born and work their whole lives.  NOW, we've heard it all. KCQ Listener Ashley from Clio weighs in!






CONGRATS Renee Somerville of Munger!  She was at the Cole Swindell Show and picked up a KCQ Concert Card!  It's a contest just for KCQ listeners who go to the concert!  The KCQ Concert Card told her when to listen and what the KCQ Concert Code was!  SHE WON BLAKE SHELTON TICKETS!








CREEPY or NOT CREEPY?  When your dog barks at the air, is it creepy?  When a co-worker tells you that your feet are pretty, is it creepy?

KCQ Listener Heather from Davison WINS Brett Eldredge Tickets for 12/15 at the Fox Theater!




KCQ Linstener Lindsey Hurd of Durand wins a Nashville Escape!




KCQ Artist Scotty McCreery will NOT go onstage until he meets KCQ Listener Ashley Reaves of Saginaw!  Congrats on meet n greet passes!




Happy 10-4!  What's your trucker name?





Today's the day Aaron asked Cady what day it was in the movie MEAN GIRLS!!  What was your FIRST conversation with your spuse? 






KCQ Listener Kristen plays OVER UNDER and wins Willie Nelson Tickets!





KCQ Listener Stephanie in Burton plays KCQ Over Under to win Jodee Messina tickets!






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