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KCQ Hypotheticals

It's our version of "would you rather!"  

Check out some of these hypothetical questions!

You must choose one!

Live  with your Mother-In-Law for the rest of your life or Live in a haunted House for the rest of your life?




Eat a jar of Mayo or a tub Butter or Marry the person you despise?




Your trapped on a desert Island are you alone or with the person you hate the most in the world?



You could GET $500,000 for EVERY year of your LIFE you give back. How many years do you give back?



A stressful job that you HATE, but pays BIG or a job you LOVE but you're just getting by.



Magic pants that always have the exact amount of money you need OR you have the power to make some one happy for a while?




Be single and celebate for the rest of your life OR never have more than $400 in your bank account?




Throw up on a baby or have a baby throw up on you? Smell a little like rotten eggs OR find other people's toe nail clippings everywhere you go?





Give up candy and sweets forever OR wear a halloween costume EVERY DAY for the rest of your life!





Dance Badly everytime a song comes on KCQ or you MUST reveal a friend's secret?

KCQ Listeners Carly, Mark and Stephanie jump in!  STEPHANIE REVEALS A SECRET!!!! surprise






Be super sweet and pretty dumb or be a smart jerk?

KCQ Listeners Nick and Debbi weigh in.




**Michigan treasure Jeff Daniels being BOTH sweet and a jerk.  


Live in the Harry Potter Universe or the Star Wars Universe?

KCQ Listener Stacy in Bay City, Stacy in Saginaw, Mike in Saginaw! 












Be able to stop time for 10 minutes a day or reverse time by 10 minutes once per week?

KCQ Listeners Tracy from Bay City and Mark in Saginaw!












Ten more years with your spouse or ONE NIGHT with your celebrity crush?

KCQ Listener Wayne in Burton, Brandy from Hemlock, Denise in Bay City, 














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