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Drumstick aren't really ice cream? What percent of staff is burnt out in the work place? How can you stop male sheep from fighting?





Which big ticket selling companies are getting sued? How much would you pay for OJ's white bronco? When is the most stressful time of the day?





Why did a mom get arrested on a cruiseship? How do you feel about a 4 day work week? What is Heinz and Mattel bringing us?





What makes you happy? Crocs and what other band has come together to give you a snack holder? How do you cut your grilled cheese?





How much did the Rock make for being on WWE Wrestlemania? Does a pat on the back actual make you feel better? It's National Pet Day!





What are "Cheaters"? What is the grossest thing men do? How did a guy get fired from a museum?





Who won the National Championship? Do you own a band t-shirt you never been to? How did a lady get a speeding ticket while her car was being towed?





How many people are getting married during the eclipse? How to know if you have the real deal solar eclipse glasses? When is the worst time to get a vasectomy?





How much money does Walmart owe you? What are the top marvels from Michigan? What is the next big thing Apple is working on?  





Who was arrested in Michigan? What are the worst numbers to play in the Lottery? What are the things men didn't know about women?





711 bring your own cup on April 13th. Who has the best March madness bracket? What tv show was renewed for season 21?





What businesses were pranking all of us? What driving age is London considering lowering to? What are the germiest places in your office?





Which Detroit Lions player is coming to Saginaw? Is there gonna be a Home Improvement reunion show? What new gift registry is out now?





What is the #1 Easter candy? What common baking item can help grow hair? What percent of Michiganders are wearing jeans right now?





Would you want to be a female umpire? 711 is selling what gross flavored sparkling water? How many hours a year do you work completely sick?





Mike Tyson is selling what shaped edibles? McDonalds will start offering Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Would you become a MLB hot-dog tester?





What is causing dementia? Do you have "iphone pinky"? What object did Rose and Jack actually use at the end of the movie in the water?





Which comedian is worth $1 billion? What "hairstyle" is back and trending again? Would you do ice bath speed dating?





Which Michigan basketball team shocked everyone? Have you heard of office goggles? Who was named Tokyo police chief of the day?





Gen Z's are going through a mid life crisis. What do Michiganers worry about as much as their family members? How much do you spend on streaming services?





Would you marry your prom date 70 yrs later? Should your inbox full of unread emails? Would you do a hurricane shot?





Does Good wine make you happy? Where can you get free ice cream today? Is working 9-5 outdated?





Why  shouldn't you call yourself Irish? What is filter selfie surgery? What new drink is Starbucks releasing?





Where is Michigan's shortest St. Pat's parade? A race that let's you win your weight in beer?? What will American's do more of on Monday?





Tik Tok could be banned in the United States. Tombstone pizza is coming out with a new flavor what could it be? What time of day do Michiganders love the most?





Why did a guy break into prison? What can make your throat feel better when sick? Why  shouldn't you go to bed with wet hair?





Why are people not buying gum anymore? Would you let a robot fix your teeth? Beer made from sewer water??





Why are there more accidents likely for today? A new Starwars movie is coming out! 20% of Michigan moms have a favorite Kid.





The Oscars are this weekend! Don't forget to turn your Clocks ahead on Sunday! Michigan mom's say only 20% get "Me Time" in the shower. 





McDonalds has a secret burger? Adam Sandler makes how much?!?! Michigan voted on the top places we all forget to clean regularly...





A purse that only weighs 33 grams?!? A lucky fun purchased the diner booth that was featured in the final scene of The Sopranos, how much did it cost them?





Are you cool?  52% of Michiganders say YES!  A missing Michigan toddler was found by a K-9 Unit!




What are the top rude things Michigander's accidentally do? Where you born in the correct generation?  20% of Gen Z says they relate to a different age group!






Which food chair is lowering their prices? The Girl Scouts are now offering a new product and its not food related. How much is the worlds richest dog worth?





Why do leap year babies have a hard time with their birthdays? Which stores are offering discounts today? Who will be working for free today?





Is out of sight out of mind real? Who is more likely to gain weight after marriage? What are the top unlucky things that happen to Michiganders?





How can you get better sleep? Which generation is back home living with their parents? What are the funniest TV show of all time?





How much is AT&T is reimbursing customers? What makes a guy undateable? Where can you snag free chicken wings today?





How did the Super Bowl streaker win his own bet? Who is American Idol trying to get to replace Katy Perry as a judge? Should Taylor Swift get a Super Bowl ring? What is the #1 compromise people make in a day?





What's wrong with the Pinconning Cheerling uniforms? How many matchsticks cand you stick up your nose? What is a mosquito tornado? What are the top things that can ruin your day?





What weird thing turns on people in Great Britain? What household items can help make your flowers last longer?





Did you hear about the Anti Valentine's Day Movement? Should you celebrate Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday on the same day? What's the top dating activity in Michigan?





How many seconds was Taylor Swift on air during the Super Bowl? How long did it take Dunkin Donuts to sell out of the Ben Affleck inspired tracksuits? What are the top three things people buy for Valentines Day? What is George Clooney's new puppys name?





What did Shaq give Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl? How much the the Cheifs and 49ers make playing at the Super Bowl? What caused a delay during the Big Game? Which pop artist is dropping two country songs?





What is the #1 injure while doing your "Taxes"? Today is National Pizza Day do you use a knife and fork to eat it? Did you know theres a plea for teens to stop throwing slushies at cars? Which team did the psychic crab pick to win the Super Bowl?






What makes the perfect Valentine's date according to Michiganders? A Moana sequel is coming this year!  Would you get married at a cheetos themed wedding chapel?  Did you know the settings on your washing machine are meaningless? 






There's a new robot to occupy your kids in the back seat!  Do you need full body deodarant?  The dating ap BUMBLE says you may be talking to AI. They have an AI solution!





Toby Keith has passed at 62.  What's your BIG GAME bad luck food? King Charles was diagnosed with cancer.   Can you improve the Burger King Whopper for $1 Million? A Komodo dragon has chosen the BIG GAME winner!






Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman had the performance of the night at the Grammys!  What are 20 somethings doing more in 2024 then in years past?  Someone stole a radio tower!  Carl Weathers has passed.  Today is national Toot Day.  






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