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Friday 03/01/24

Which KCQ artist is getting backlash from fans over a comment he made? Brian Kelley just released a new song and who do the fans think its about?




Thursday 02/29/24

Which KCQ duo is excited to be going on tour? Which Garth song was originally intended for George Strait?




Wednesday 02/28/24

Which KCQ artist is hosting the CMT Music Awards? Which KCQ artist said he is too young to feel old?




Tuesday 02/27/24

Which KCQ artist likes to make sure his fans can get tickets to see him at a better price? Which KCQ legend's granddaughter auditioned for American Idol?




Monday 02/26/24

Who will debut as a double chair turn on the Voice tonight? Who is American Idol considering to replace Luke Bryan?




Friday 02/23/24

Who fired George Strait from his first gig? Miranda Lambert is teaming up with which spanish singer for a new song?




Thursday 02/22/24

Which KCQ artist may have teased a new song at the SoHo House in Nashville? Who did Garth invite to sing at his Friends in Low Places bar?




Wednesday 02/21/24

Which KCQ artist just got his 18th #1 hit song in a row? What date is Garth opening his new bar?




Tuesday 02/20/24

Which KCQ artist was rejected seven times from American Idol? Which KCQ artist said it took a while for people to realize who he was after going solo?




Monday 02/19/24

Which KCQ artist won Peoples Choice Female Country Artist of the Year? What company once sued Jelly Roll?




Friday 02/16/24

Hear Keith Urban talk about the late Toby Keith. What Valentines gift did Blake Shelton give his hunnie? Which KCQ artist is looking forward to their 30's?




Thursday 02/15/24

Who loves to sing duets with Blake Shelton? Which KCQ artist has a memoir coming out?




Wednesday 02/14/24

What does George Strait say about love? Which KCQ artist says he has earned the right to wear a cowboy hat?




Tuesday 02/13/24

Who did Dolly say we need to forgive? What advice does Jordan Davis give about Mardi Gras?




Monday 02/12/24

Which KCQ artist showed up to the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl? Which KCQ couple released a new song called Purple Irises?




Friday 02/09/24

Where is Reba and her boyfriend Rex going for Valentines Day? Which KCQ artist is working on a duet  with The Rock?




Thursday 02/08/24

Which KCQ artist said he has NEVER watched a Super Bowl game? Which KCQ artist is expecting their first baby?




Wednesday 02/07/24

Hear Reba's touching words about the late Toby Keith. What does Garth Brooks want for his 62nd Birthday?  




Tuesday 02/06/24

Jelly Roll got to meet his crush at the Grammy's who is it?  Which celebrity is in Zach Bryan's new music video?




Monday 02/05/24

Hear Lainey Wilson win a grammy! Hear Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman perform "Fast Car!" 





Friday 02/02/24

Which KCQ artist got arrested with a minor drug offense?  Who is performing with Luke Combs at the Grammys?




Thursday 02/01/24

Which KCQ artist is nervous to attend the Grammys? Chris Janson said he only drinks what from a can?Who does Jelly roll think is the next Michael Jackson? 




Wednesday 01/31/24

What's the name of Luke's new bar? Why is Chris Young being trolled in the comment section?  How is Chris Stapleton's wife teasing him about his performance at the Big Game?



Tuesday 01/30/24

Which KCQ artist said beer is just whine for men? Which KCQ artist walked out of the We are the World recording session?




Monday 01/29/24

Which Nate Smith song has made chart history? Why is Morgan Wallen  digusted with their former record label?




Friday 01/26/24

What did Parker McCollum say he learned from marriage? What school did Thomas Rhett get denied from?




Thursday 01/25/24

What was Luke Combs other career option if he wasnt in country music? Which KCQ artist got roasted by Jeff Ross at Crash My Playa?




Wednesday 01/24/24

Which KCQ artist got arrested in Nashville? Which KCQ artist thought he was having a heart attack?




Tuesday 01/23/24

Which KCQ artist is the Coors Light spokesperson? How did Jelly Roll get his name?




Monday 01/22/24

What kind of trouble did Elle King get into at the Grand Ole Opry? Which KCQ artist did a suprise set in Nashville?




Friday 01/09/24

How did Reba find out she was singing the National Anthem at the Superbowl LVIII, Which KCQ artist says their is no shame in a grown may crying?




Thursday 01/18/24

How does Carrie Underwood wind down at the end of the day? What type of business did Dylan Scott start?




Wednesday 01/17/24

Why is Blake Shelton grumpy? What does Kane Brown say is the best thing about being a dad?




Tuesday 01/16/24

Which two KCQ artists made a pit stop at Dairy Queen? Who blames Garth for his batting Stance?




Monday 01-15-24

What happened to the flight Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean were on? Which KCQ artist is training for a 5k?




Friday 01-12-24

Which KCQ artist testified before congress? Which KCQ artist has new music coming in 2024?




Thursday 01-11-24

Which KCQ artist is opening a new bar? How does Chris Janson get his mind together?




Wednesday 01-10-24

Is it a boy or girl for Kane Brown? What's Hardy's secret to success?




Tuesday 01-09-24

Which KCQ artist didnt grow up loving country music. Which KCQ artist has a new album coming out March 22nd. 




Monday 01-08-24

What does Kane Brown want to give his kids? Which KCQ artist wont let her kids use social media?




Friday 01-05-24

Which KCQ artist had an incredible experience with Willie Nelson? What song only took 20 mins for Toby Keith to write?




Thursday 01-04-24

How many tattoos does Jelly Roll regrets? What was Reba's most embaressing moment?




Wednesday 01-03-24

Which KCQ artist is getting ready for his farwell tour? How did Nate Smith get started in country music?




Tuesday 01-02-24

Why did the Wild Horse Saloon close and whats next? Whoe does Jelly Roll praise?




Friday 12-29-23

Which KCQ artist filled a mans bucket list? How does Keith Urban inspire Chris Janson to work harder?




Thursday 12-28-23

What's Garth looking forward to in 2024? Which KCQ artist lives an ordinary life?




Wednesday 12-27-23

Which KCQ artist is coming to the DOW in March? When did Tim McGraw know he wanted to be a country star?




Tuesday 12-26-23

Chris Young says it's not Christmas without what? Who does Carrie Underwood say cannot keep a secret?




Friday 12-15-2023

 What was the #1 country music story of the year? Why did Jon Pardi quit alcohol?




Thursday 12-14-2023

Which KCQ artist is trying to make things right with a fan? Which KCQ artist made the New Years Eve Live linup?




Wednesday 12-13-2023

Which KCQ artist says Ramen noodles were a luxuary at one time? What awesome gift did Lainey Wilson give to Hardy?




Tuesday 12-12-2023

What did Lainey Wilson acheive that NO OTHER country female has ever done?




Monday 12-11-2023

Does Morgan Wallen have beef with Adam Levine for passing on him during the Voice?  What's Riley Green's current obsession?




Friday 12-8-2023

Why did it take SAVE ME three years to go number 1?  Why was Reba's brother running around in his undies around the holidays?




Thursday 12-07-23

Which KCQ artist is Time's Person of the Year? How much money did Keith Urban and Vince Gill raise for Country Music Hall of Fame?




Wednesday 12-06-23

Which KCQ artist was spotted with a diamond ring? Which Kcq duo almost broke up?




Tuesday 12-05-23

Which KCQ artist is in Flint today? Garth surprised which KCQ artist on the Opry Stage?




Monday 12-04-23

What did Sam Hunt and his wife name their new baby? Who does Jelly Roll have a special relationship with?




Friday 12-01-23

Which KCQ artist is the top played artist of 2023? What's Luke Bryan's favorite Christmas tradition?




Thursday 11-30-23

Morgan Wallen asked which football star on a golf outing? Which KCQ artist is getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?




Wednesday 11-29-23

Which KCQ artist had the top tour of 2023? What happened to Parmalee before they made it big?




Tuesday 11-28-23

Whuch KCQ duo said they had to work on their personal relationship? What did Luke Bryan say the secret to success is?




Monday 11-27-23

Which KCQ artist is a new dad? What did Jelly Roll forget for their Thanksgiving dinner?




Friday 11-24-2023

Why is Chris Young disappointed in Black Friday? What is the "treasure" in Tim mcGraw's life?




Wednesday 11-22-2023

How many #1 songs does Tim McGraw have? Did you hear who joined Jellyroll on stage at the Grand Ol Opry?





Tuesday 11-21-2023

Why should you get Garth's new album?  He explains!  Who won an award from the Cowgirl Hall of Fame?




Monday 11-20-23

When is Garth Brooks opening his new bar? Why wont we get an autobiography from Tim McGraw?




Friday 11-17-23

Which KCQ artist admitted his family doesn't know how the music industry works? Which KCQ artist compairs being on the road to being a pirate?




Thursday 11-16-23

Dolly just remade some tracks from Queen which popluar event is going to use it? Which KCQ artist did a cover song of Morgan Wallen?




Wednesday 11-15-23

What weird place did Cody Johnson get a new tattoo? Which KCQ artist made Tim McGraw feel old?




Tuesday 11-14-23

Which KCQ artist was filmed dancing with his Grandma? Ashley McBride is going on tour where can you see her?



Monday 11-13-23

Which KCQ artist just turned 40? What inspired Christ Stapleton's music passion?




Friday 11-10-23

Why did Wynonna look akward on stage? Which KCQ artist broke their CMA Award?




Thursday 11-9-23

Which KCQ artist is your Entertainer of the Year?  Which KCQ artist tour bus got into an accident?




Wednesday 11-8-23

Which KCQ artist like to write songs at night? What is one thing Luke Combs was not good at before music?





Tuesday 11-7-23

Which KCQ artist is starting her own record label? What's the reason why Morgan Wallen shaved his mullet?




Monday 11-6-23

Which KCQ artist just performed in her hometown? Which KCQ artist feels weird being single? 





Friday 11-3-23

Why did Dolly turn down the Superbowl half time show? Which KCQ artist has new music out today?




Thursday 11-2-23

What the one thing Jason Aldean said he would change one thing in his recent music video? Whats one thing Chris Stapleton cannot live without?




Wednesday 11-1-2023

Who's the mew MEGA Mentor on the Voice? What are Michigan's top 3 country songs about OTHER country artists?




Tuesday 10-31-2023

Why does Luke Combs have a Love/Hate relationship with Halloween?  Why were Eric Church fans throwing toilet paper at one of his recent shows?




Monday 10-30-23

Who suprised jason Aldean on stage over the weekend? When Kip Moore said he "split" his pants on stage, what did fans THINK he said?




Friday 10-27-23

Which KCQ artist just got a matching tattoo with their love intrerest?  Which KCQ artist just added more tour dates?




Thursday 10-26-23

Which KCQ artists are performing at the CMA Awards? Which KCQ artist called in sick?




Wednesday 10-25-23

Which KCQ artist can judge if you have a good neighbor? Which KCQ artist made the first move with their love intrest?




Tuesday 10-24-23

Which KCQ artist was visted by his grandmothers ghost? Which KCQ artist was inducted into the country music hall of fame?




Monday 10-23-23

Which KCQ artist now resembles Travis Kelce? Which KCQ artist is doing a massive 2024 tour?




Friday 10-20-23

Which KCQ artist has new music out? Which KCQ artist has beef with a newspaper writer?




Thursday 10-19-23

Which KCQ artist wears her makeup to bed? Which KCQ artist is the biggest eligible bachelor?




Wednesday 10-18-23

Which KCQ artist autographed a fans butt? Which KCQ artist wore a kilt on stage?




Tuesday 10-17-23

Which KCQ artist loves to garden? Which KCQ artist is thinking about being a judge on the Voice?




Monday 10-16-23

Which Kcq artist says everyone back home talks like her? Which Kcq artist says he is very competitive? 




Friday 10-13-23

Why is KCQ artist Reba McIntyre MAD at Taylor Swift? What's the top tailgating country song according to Michiganers?  




Thursday 10-12-23

Which KCQ arist might be getting married? Which KCQ artist doesnt text?




Wednesday 10-11-23

Which KCQ artist says he never wants to stop learning? Which KCQ artist loves that country music is cool again?




Tuesday 10-10-23

Which KCQ artist is opening a new bar? Which KCQ artist performed onstage with the

Fo Fighters?




Monday 10-9-2023

What KCQ artist almost quit country at the beginning of her career? Which KCQ artist was sent Shaq's dry cleaning?




Friday 10-6-2023

What is Tracy Lawrence known for OTHER than country music?  How did Dustin Lynch break his Mom's heart? Get caught up!




Thursday 10-5-2023

How much does it cost to have Darius sing at your wedding? Did you hear that Lainey Wilson jumped on stage at Tootsies?





Wednesday 10-4-2023

Which one of your FAVORITE KCQ artists says it was love at first site for him but not so much for his wife?  Does losing weight make you a better singer?  One KCQ artist says YES!




Tuesday 10-3-2023

Christ Stapleton says "these people" are FULL OF IT!  What KCQ Artist is 38 and unmarried?  He says he's starting to get looks and questions! 




Monday 10-2-2023

Did Kelsea Ballerini lip sync at the People's Choice Country Awards?  Listen to her PERFECT, hilarious answer here!  Plus, which of your favorite country starts loves going to THRIFT SHOPS? 




Friday 9-29-2023

What does Kelsea Ballerini think of Taylor and Travis' relationship?  Which of your favorite country stars wears a CALORIE TRACKER on stage?




Thursday 9-28-2023

What's Gwen Stefani planting on Blake's farm?  What TWO country stars were spotted at a Nashville Karyoke Bar... and what did they sing?







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